Hello everybody! I am writing this blog to present myself, to be visible on the Internet and to present my activities. Sorry for my English… my Frenglish. Haha!

So, to sum up…
I am French and I live in Japan. So many steps:
– 1 semester internship in the Gifu French-Japanese in 2004.
– 1 year as an Echange Student from Lille 1 University, France to Kwansei Gakuin University in 2007-2008
– Working Holiday Visa late 2009
– Working visa in 2011
– JET Programme, Coordinator for International Relations, in Nara Prefecture from 2013 to 2016.
– Working in Japanese companies from 2016 to 2020.

Meanwhile, I get married. It is wonderful! I changed my Working Visa to a Spouse Visa.
I passed the Japanese Language Proefficiency Test, level 1 in 2017/12. I had 940/990 pts on the Test of English for International Communication in 2019/1.

To use my proefficiency in languages, in History and in Culture, I recently began my activities as a freelance in the traduction-interpreter-guide field. I am a certified interpreter-guide for Nara Prefecture. I am preparing the National certification.

I will tell you about all this point in future articles. Do not hesitate to follow me!

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