In a previous blog post, I introduced you halal foods in Japan. This concept is only developing from five to nearly ten years ago, as tourists and visitors from South-East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) increased. After ramen, I can introduce you three Japanese popular food you can now find halal in Osaka and in other places in Japan: sukiyaki, shabushabu and yakiniku. Enjoy! Sukiyaki & Shabushabu Sukiyaki and shabu-shabu are Japanese hotpot dishes (nabemono). Like ramen, they are a popular Japanese cuisine, although they are often more expensive. But we think it’s worth the price! I recommend giving them a try! Sukiyaki consists of meat (usually thinly sliced beef) which is […]
Many people come to Japan, to Osaka to taste Japanese and Osakan food: sushi, ramen, konamon (okonomiyaki, takoyaki), etc. Visitors from Islamic countries are able to enjoy sushi and konamon without any problems as they mostly consist of fish and vegetables. But until recently, it was difficult to enjoy other Japanese foods such as ramen, yakiniku and sukiyaki (which are mostly meat) as these dishes are not halal. What a pity! The good news is, in the past five years, Muslim friendly Japanese restaurants have increased. Now you can eat ramen and sukiyaki even if you are Muslim here in Osaka. I took the time to check out some of […]