The famous Japanese Golden Week is about one week late-April early May. This year 2020, it happened on 4/29 then 5/4-5-6 holidays, not forgetting the 5/2-3 week-end. Japanese people use to take days off to cover their working days during this week to have a real holiday week. 4/29 is the Showa Day, Hirohito, Showa Emperor (from 1926 to 1989)’s birthday. 5/4 is the Nature Day. 5/5 is the Children Day. 5/6 on 2020 is the Constitution day. Actually, Constitution is celebrated on 5/3 but as it was on a Sunday, the nearest working day, the 6th, became a holiday. This system is wonderful! Japanese People also use to travel […]
Hello everybody! I am writing this blog to present myself, to be visible on the Internet and to present my activities. Sorry for my English… my Frenglish. Haha! So, to sum up…I am French and I live in Japan. So many steps:– 1 semester internship in the Gifu French-Japanese in 2004.– 1 year as an Echange Student from Lille 1 University, France to Kwansei Gakuin University in 2007-2008– Working Holiday Visa late 2009– Working visa in 2011– JET Programme, Coordinator for International Relations, in Nara Prefecture from 2013 to 2016.– Working in Japanese companies from 2016 to 2020. Meanwhile, I get married. It is wonderful! I changed my Working Visa […]